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Ikariam leader bonus resources

Best Form of Government - Board Discussion - Ikariam EN ikariam leader bonus resources Ikariam Question and Answers : Unregistered. 0. how to get bonus resources. How do u recieve the bonus resources from the alliance when ur the leader? Posted: apr 05, 2008 7:22 pm. 0. Reply Subscribe Abuse. Unregistered . 0
Ikariam - Wikipedia This is a list of topics from the help desk. For other sources of help, please see the help category
Daily login bonus | Ikariam | Fandom if you dont donate with gold to the temple, or wood to the island resources, the god will get angry and takes it wrath out on you. Likewise, if you donate a lot, the your god is happy and increases the bonus (say to 20% instead of the default 10%) This might help encourage donating to the island, or removing excess gold from the game.
What is the point of a Leader - General Archive - Ikariam US The Technocracy bonus is +20 of HH i.e. +60 resources per hour. My HH bonus is indeed 7200 per hour, and Technocracy increases that by 1440. And to pay for that +60 per hour per resource I would need to increase all my Taverns one notch, i.e. +42 Wine or so per hour per town or 504 total per hour. Call it 500 wine. So if I were using Helping Hands it would indeed behove me to use Technocracy
Forum:Bonus Resources for Founding an Alliance | Ikariam ikariam leader bonus resources Your Ikariam Team Leaders Bonus Resources. Feb 20th 2009, 4:50am. When would be the distribution of resources among leaders be implemented Feb 20th 2009, 6:10am. i think there are bonus resources now quote from DAngelz- says: theres someting to gain as a leader DAngelz- says: of an alliance DAngelz- says: 120 12 12 12 12 u gain these
Ikariam Alliances Guide | GuideScroll I mean they basically have no rights in the alliance except distribution of posts, we cant boot people from the alliance, we cant even moderate and administrate the alliance forums, we cant see incoming or outgoing attacks and we cant talk to other alliances diplomatically.. i know we have people to fill those positions but surely as leaders of an alliance we should be able to see and do all
Resources | Ikariam | Fandom If you are the leader of the alliance, how many members you can have in your alliance depends on your embassy level. Also, you get a small amount of "bonus" resources each day, depending on the number of people in your alliance. An alliance has three jobs that can be assigned by the leader: the Diplomat, the General and the Home Secretary.
Alliance Guides - FAQs and Guides - Ikariam US I have founded an alliance.\ When I go to my embassy and click on bonus resources at the top their is a message that says "the distribution of these resources is not yet implemented!" How do I implement them??!!?? I have clicked everything and checked all the help that i know of and for the life of me I cant figure it out. please help me with this or explain why I cannot implement the
how to get bonus resources - Ikariam Questions for PC ikariam leader bonus resources The proposed fix costs the leader the same amount of goods to implement, and actually reduces leader bonus by eliminating extra resources. But it evens the playing field on town slots. EDIT: Maybe the new guy in the "lean team" could think about our input instead of …



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